Dear Friends,
We received a gift. Brown, old and wrinkled-it is one of the best presents we could ask for. 

Her name is Mabel. She is an old Sharpei, blind and quite deaf. Some kind person pulled her out of a swamp where she was stuck-no one claimed her and she became a Paws Unlimited beloved senior. She is quite the spoiled gal now...the Queen of the office (she decided this would be her room) all her comfy beds and pillows are artfully arranged and rearranged as Mabel sees fit. She sleeps as late as she likes and will allow you to disturb her rest for food and walks.

She recognizes Shari's touch and though she cannot see or hear, she senses the presence of the person she has grown to trust. The knowledge that Mabel can trust and love and wag her slightly bent tail is the very best gift.

We are devoting our resources and energy to give comfort to abandoned older dogs.
To give them a soft and warm place to lay their weary heads for this latter part of their lives. Knowing that they will not starve or freeze nor die alone is what we are here for.
The tragedy of a life that lived to love and serve it's family and then to be tossed aside because they now need extra care or have an occasional accident in the house is heartbreaking. Paws Unlimited exists to care for them, to bring a little joy and comfort and to make sure their "golden years" are golden. They are the most special gifts and we are so lucky to look into the eyes of a senior and see peace and love.

Mabel is only one of the treasures we have here. Paws Unlimited has loving seniors for adoption. We affectionately call them our "Elders"...wise, loving and calm. They are a great addition to a quiet household, particularly for a senior person who would like a companion to lay gently by their side.

Paws Unlimited is asking for assistance to help continue this lifesaving mission. We sincerely appreciate any amount your heart and wallet can donate.

Warm Regards,
Shari & the Seniors

Some people call me a senior dog
that just means I have Years of Experience
in the fine art of Friendship
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