Shari Bach, Founder & President
Our Mission:
Provide food, shelter, health care and love for an animal in need, either for life or until they can be placed with a suitable owner.

No animal will be turned away and no animal will be placed somewhere just to make room for other animals. Every dime raised, will go to this cause and the goal of founding a no-kill shelter for adoptable companion animals.

Provide excellent animal care in a pet friendly atmosphere while ensuring that customers, both pets and owners, receive excellent service in a playful, safe environment.

Paws Unlimited is dedicated to providing all animals with the highest quality shelter and living experience. Our program will meet these needs by providing an organized and efficient shelter accessible by all community members, maintained properly and priced affordably.
Shari founded Paws Unlimited in 2001 and her heart and soul are inseperable from Paws Unlimited. She has devoted her life to heal the pain and hurt of each abandoned dog she rescues.
She provides Love, Food, Shelter, Veterinary Care to these homeless dogs.
Her ultimate dream is to find each one a forever home with a loving family, till then they remain safe and loved in her care.
Committed to helping every dog find a good and loving home
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