Gracie's story Gracie's Story
Gracie's Story
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A story of love and how an angel of light touched an adopters life (and vice versa).

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Gracie was just one of the Abused Wallkill Rotties: 

In April 2012 several rescue groups, including Paws Unlimited went to the aid of over 70 rottweilers who were living in deplorable conditions.

For the next 6 weeks, with the local police department escorting us we went onto the property to feed the dogs, set up temporary housing and started to socialize them.

Prior to this their diet consisted of stale bread and algae filled water. 
The dogs were sharing their living space with rats. 
There was no housing to protect them from rain, snow or the beating hot sun. 

Up until when we went to their aid, these dogs were neglected, ignored, abused. 
There were 2- 3 breeding dogs per outdoor pen. 
The dogs in the house were living in vari kennels in their own waste. 
There were 2 litters of puppies living in crates, inside a closet, also covered in waste & eating stale bread mixed with raw eggs. 

In order to reach the outside dogs, we had to step over rat carasses, holes that were big enough to fall into and dog feces all over the place.

Although none of these dogs had ever experienced the love and care from the woman who was hoarding & breeding them, they were always very happy to see us and loved the attention and care they were getting from us.
I don’t know what was harder, the emptiness we felt when we left or the look on their faces when we were walking away. 
It was very apparent they felt the love we were giving them. We promised them no matter what it took, one day we would be taking them with us.
The day finally came and when it did, our hearts were filled with joy. We were finally going to be able to give each and every one of these dogs the life they so desperately deserved.

Each of the dogs were placed with rescue groups and eventually into foster and forever homes.
Due to the toxic environment they were living in many of the dogs have died of cancer.
Among these dogs there were many who were crippled, maimed, and ill.

Videos of these dear souls: